the struggle is real

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything. The past few months have really put me through the ringer. But God uses times like these to show you just what it is you’re made of right? I keep forgetting that however. The past week or so has been particularly difficult. I really felt like maybe it was time to just go ahead and give in to my old pal Worthless.

I was feeling down on myself. I even wrote a poem that was surely the darkest thing I’d written in a very long time. No I won’t share it with you so don’t ask. But then God came through for me in a mighty way on Sunday and turned things around. Worthwhile stirred and poked his head out of the dog house, saw that I was feeling a little better and came over to remind me of something that I’d not thought about for a while.

Jesus is in the boat with me. What do I have to worry about? Whatever storms may be beating against me He can overcome. There’s no way I should feel defeated. That’s just a lie from Worthless. How can I have so little faith and be filled with melancholy when Jesus is along for the trip?

So watch out old enemy you may have pushed me to the edge of the cliff but I didn’t jump and now I’ve got a new victory to celebrate. There’s plenty of fight left in me and I’ve got the best cornerman around.

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