A resolution of sorts

No matter who we are it is an understood fact that we all play a lot of different roles in life. For instance I’m  husband, a father,  chaplain etc. If you think about it there are probably dozens of different roles that you play in your life. One of the harder lessons that I’ve had to learn over my lifetime is that you won’t always be the best at every one of these various roles that you have.

In the ongoing battles that happen over me between Worthless and Worthwhile is the idea that if you aren’t the best at something then it’s not worth doing at all. Over and over again Worthless has told me that I’m not good at a particular role and that I really ought to give up and quit. To my credit I’m not really a quitter but I am sure that in a lot of ways I have left myself and others down because I haven’t given my best because I believed that voice.

I understand intellectually that I shouldn’t believe my best isn’t good enough for the people around me but when you are a punching bag inside your own head you don’t always think so clearly.

Worthwhile has been telling me that I ought to really pay more attention to being the best I can be rather than comparing myself to some other standard. That seems like good advice. So I have resolved to put my best foot forward in whatever I try to do and to evaluate my performance on its own merit rather than some unreachable level. I’ll bet though that if I do that before I know it that unreachable place will get closer. Maybe I’ll even manage to get there. One thing’s or sure though if I take Worthless’s advice it’ll never happen at all. I have accomplished things before and I will again one victory at a time.

It is my prayer for you and me that we listen to the voice of truth. That we each understand the value that we have. Each of us have places where we are starters and places where we are want of a better term second string. But you that’s okay no team ever got to the championship without many of those “second stringers” stepping up when called and giving their all.

I’m giving my best from now on what about you?

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