comfort don’t blame

So I’ve got something on my mind that I am a little bit afraid to write about. I have been thinking about this for a while now and have been trying to figure out just the right way to put it out there.

As believers we often get asked some pretty difficult questions about God and life and why things happen the way that they do. At times like this I have heard people say some things that are not right. Look at me still beating around the bush even now. So here it is:

“We don’t know why God took your loved one we just have to trust Him”

God doesn’t take anybody without explaining His reasons.  I’ve looked through scripture and I do see a few instances where He takes somebody but that taking is always explained. Let me offer a couple of examples.

Enoch- He walked with God and God invited him to come home with Him Genesis 5 21-24

Elija- Carried away in a chariot of fire 2 Samuel 2 1-18

Nadab and Abihu- Offered strange fire Leviticus 10 1-3

Ananias and Sapphira- Lied to God Acts 5 1-11

I know that there are difficult times and hard questions but please in these times don’t lay the blame at God’s feet. He didn’t take anyone. He doesn’t need more angels or musicians or smiles or whatever else you might think. God already has everything that he needs. He’s not going to take a loved one to fill in some blank in His kingdom. There are plenty of ways to comfort hurting people without offering this kind of twisted thinking.

Really how is this comforting anyways? At a time when someone needs comfort the most you are imputing their pain onto the one that ought to be their best comfort. As a believer you are present as His ambassador and yet you are going to put the blame on Him.

Instead of assigning blame make an offering of yourself. Give a hug, cry, and if you must speak offer condolences.  An “I’m so sorry” at a time like this can go a long ways. If you pray pray for peace and comfort and don’t say ” we don’t know why” in your prayer because that’s not comforting or helpful. Often the best comfort is silent presence and support.

It is my prayer for every believer in these times that you will be led by the spirit to say and do what is pleasing to God and comforting to those that need comfort.

Romans 12:15 reminds us to rejoice with those who rejoice and cry with those who cry. Empathetic sharing is powerfully comforting and the very best kind of fellowship. Give it a try.




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