A good farmer knows what to grow

Let’s talk about music for a minute. I mean the blog is called prayers and power chords after all. If you don’t know what either of those things are leave a comment and I’ll teach you.

When I listen to recorded music I have a particular kind of thing that I like to listen to. I can and do listen to a variety of music styles but there are particular genres that I prefer over others. There are also kinds of music that I don’t particularly care to listen to for whatever reason. I talking here about recorded music not a live performance.

Listening to recorded music is a lot different to participating in a live event. Think about it for a minute and follow along. When you are at a live performance of music you are a participant. As a participant you will get out of the performance exactly what you put into it. If you have decided that I am not going to s experience and I am not going to put any effort into it then guess what, you won’t.

Let me give you a couple of examples. A few years ago I went to a club in Chicago where there was a jazz singer and her small band performing. I don’t particularly like that kind of music and don’t listen to it. I could have decided that there was no way I was going to like her performance and so,have been miserable. Instead I bought in to the performance put energy into it and so was rewarded with a great experience. I don’t remember what her name was and it doesn’t matter because I wouldn’t buy the recording but I have a great memory of something amazing that I will never forget.

Not only will your attitude in participating affect you and your level of reward from the experience but it will also have an impact on the people around you. Why would you want your bad attitude make other people feel bad too? Don’t be that person who messes things up for the people around you. You’re there you might as well get into it.

As a performer of sorts I can attest to the truth of the idea that the audience is participating at all times. If that participation is energetic, or thoughtful, or disgruntled it affects the entire performance. As performers it is our responsibility to be properly prepared so I am not talking about a poor performance here. That’s a different story, but hey if you’re at a music recital for ten year olds you expect a few sour notes right so give those guys a break.

So why am I talking about this you might be asking. It’s called reaping and sowing folks. It’s a law that can’t be broken or escaped from and it applies to a lot more than musical performances. It touches every aspect of your life. It’s so pervasive that it even crosses over into the lives of those that are around you. Just about everything that you do is planting a seed of some kind and a lot of times you have no idea when you might have to harvest that thing. Plant good seeds folks so that your harvest will be fruitful not miserable. Remember that your crop affects the people around you.

Let’s go back to music for a second. That person next to you may have had a terrible week. She may really need to escape for a little while. Do you want to be the one next to her with the sour face rolling your eyes or do you want to be the one standing and singing and just enjoying the moment? She may need your help to make that escape.

Dear reader I pray that you understand how in control of your life you can be by getting this idea. Be a good farmer. Be a hero.

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