don’t let Worthless win

Worthless oh Worthless why do you vex me

Why do I let you hold me back

A voice in my head mighty and strong

Quick to point out all that I lack

Worthless oh Worthless I hate what you say

You’re downbeat and hateful

Each and every day

But I continue to listen

Although I know better

Your trap is perfect

You know me to the letter

Worthless the lion Worthwhile a sigh

How do I feed the good voice inside

Worthless oh Worthless you think that you’ve won

Worthwhile bounce back and the battle’s begun

How can a sigh beat a lion you ask

The sigh’s not alone he has help with the task

The helps name is Jesus Savior and Lord

He wins the battle with just a word

Worthless I’m saved, redeemed, and empowered

Worthless return to your den you’re a coward

I can do all things through Christ he’s my strength

He never gives up He’ll go to any length

Worthwhile he listens and changes a sigh to a roar

He listens to Jesus and wants to know more

We open our bible our mind and our heart

Me and Worthwhile we make a new start

It happened for me it can it can for you too

Jesus can make all things brand new

I have a feeling that we all struggle with inner voices that tell us we are failures or we are inadequate in some way. This has been an ongoing struggle in my life. I find that when I’m feeling bad about myself that it impacts just about every area of my life. Relationships feel strained or empty, pleasant things seem to lose their appeal and tasks become harder. When this happens if I don’t become aware of it soon enough it feeds itself and becomes stronger and stronger, continually getting harder to bear.

I thank God for the Holy Spirit who will always remind me that the failure Worthless says I am is a lie. I thank Him for the Word that speaks truth to me and teaches me who I really am and what I am truly capable of accomplishing.

It’s a cliche I know but breakthroughs only come after you hit an obstacle. So when you feel disempowered or out of favor, when your prayer life seems listless don’t quit. This is the time when your Worthless is pressing in, press back. Your breakthrough will come and you’ll look back at that previous time and all you’ll see will be the broken bits of what ever it was that was holding you down.

The Bible tells us that every battle is spiritual. I believe this is true. If you are going to win spiritual battles you are going to need spiritual weapons and defenses. You need a robust prayer life, the Word of God, and the indewlling power of the Holy Spirit. If you are a believer you already have the latter of those if you’re not winning your battles go and get the rest. You never have to fight alone.

I pray for all of you my friends that you get this. The Word tells over and over that God will never leave you to fight alone. He leads you forward, He’s got your back. You are fully equipped. Go fight, go be victorious, give glory to God.



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