A letter to Worthless

Dear Worthless,

I’ve noticed you coming around a little bit more often lately and I don’t appreciate it at all. I thought we had finally ended our relationship for good. I see that I was mistaken.

I have to tell you that I’m really tired of how you waltz into my life at the worst possible time. Things seem to be going along just fine and them you show up looking all sweet and innocent. Your sad hungry eyes get me every time. So I give in and feed you a little bit. I say to myself “I deserve a little self pity. I’ve been working hard and no one seems to notice or care”. Next thing you know we’re having a full blown pity party.

And yeah it feels good at first releasing all that pent up stuff inside. The self doubt, the anxiety, little hurts that were easy to set aside suddenly take on a new life. We kind of settle in it together. You pretend that you care about me. That you are the sensitive one that really understands. You tell me that Worthwhile over there is just a bully. He’s always pushing me to achieve some goal or overcome some obstacle. He doesn’t care about you you tell me. He’s just in it for the attaboys.

It sounds good at first all this talk of laying down my burdens to sit amidst the garbage that you draw out of me. But I’ve started to look around and it seems to me that you’re the bully Worthless. I don’t know why I listen to you at all. You’re a liar and a thief. You want to break me down to make yourself feel better and I’ve been letting you. But no more.

Worthless I’m not feeding you anymore.


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