I’ll never be a socialist

Since I have been alive on this planet there have been eleven different presidents of the United States of America. Five of them Democrats and six Republicans. Now obviously I didn’t really have thoughts or opinions bout those that served when I was a child. My first real memory of politics was from the early seventies when Nixon was running against McGovern.

I remember having arguments with the other kids on the playground. When I say arguments of course I mean taking sides based on what our dads were saying at home and shouting at each other about things we didn’t understand. My dad’s guy was Nixon and so was mine. It was great fun but in the end we all loved America and wanted the best for everyone. The teachers loved America. The students loved America. The administration loved America. We all had that in common. At least as far as I knew.

There have been people that have looked for reform as long as there has been a country. And that’s a good thing. How else are things going to get better? But does that mean that all reforms are good or necessary? I don’t believe so. The system may seem slow but it gets the job done.

America works best when individuals strive for their own betterment. That’s why I’ll never be a socialist or communist. These ideologies are not interested in individuals but rather in groups or collectives. Leftist revolutions always pit people groups against one another. That’s why socialists and communists hate God. Because God values the individual not the group or identity. When it comes time for me to meet my maker He’s not going to say to me “Well Peter since you’re a white man you get a free pass to glory”. God doesn’t care what your identity is at all except for your identity in Christ.

When you realize this, that each person matters individually, it lays to rest this idea of identifying primarily as a group. Now understand I’m not saying that having an identity group is a bad thing. We all like to hang out with those in which we have things in common and that’s ok. The problem comes when this becomes an us against them winner take all proposition. Just take a look at California today to see how that works out. Even Willie Brown says it’s a problem.

I want to remind you that God says “Love your neighbor “. It’s easy to to love or hate people as a group. It becomes much harder to take those feelings and apply them to individuals.

Is there an identity group that you have a problem with? Do dislike or even hate middle aged cis-gendered white men? That’s what I am. Let’s talk. Do you hate Republicans? That’s what I am. Let’s talk. Do you think church folk are all hypocrites? I’m church folk. Let’s talk.

I am all of those things and so much more. Yet none of those define me. I challenge each of you to lay aside your cookie cutter ideas of what people are based upon some perceived identity and get to know people as individuals. Step away from your prejudice for just a minute and give it a try. You might be surprised.

Father God, please forgive us for lumping people created as individuals uniquely in Your image into broad groups and then judging them based solely on which group we assign them to. Help us to see people the way that you do. In Jesus name. Amen

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